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On February 17, 2017, over 350 cultural organizations from around the world— museums, libraries, archives, science centers, and educational groups — asserted their role as champions of knowledge and facts to share thousands of posts on social media using the hashtag #DayofFacts. They shared truths about immigration, climate change, refugees, and much more; the kinds of facts that the new United States presidential administration, inaugurated on January 20, might deem “alternative.” By the end of the day, the hashtag had been used over 50,000 times, the campaign had trended on Twitter for hours throughout the day, and participating museums–many of whom were taking a stand on an issue for the first time on their social media pages–reported jumps in visitor engagement. The campaign was not organized by an institution, or by paid consultants, but rather by two individuals, emerging museum professionals from the Washington D.C. area who were interested in the relevance of museums to the current political moment and eager to do something about what was happening. As one of the organizers (along with Mara Kurlandsky), I initiated this project at tremendous risk to my own career because I believed that at times of political instability, it was important for cultural institutions to remind our visitors that their diverse lives and experiences had value and were represented in our collections, and that what we shared would never be alternative. We believed our project could show museums that taking a stand on an issue such as alternative facts was not controversial, but increasingly necessary to maintain relevance with visitors and communities, and a positive project for museums to participate in.

Here, you can find information related to the #DayofFacts campaign including our toolkit, publications, and speaking engagement presentations.

Day of Facts Information Toolkit (2)


Date Outlet Title
2/13/2017 PBS NewsHour Why these librarians are protesting Trump’s executive orders
2/16/2017 Chicago Sun-Times Steinberg: Telling the truth is now a political act
2/17/2017 Brain Popcorn Museums Using Megaphones
2/17/2017 Portland Tribune Librarians’ DayofFacts campaign adds quiet voices to day of protests
2/17/2017 Washington Post Museums and libraries fight ‘alternative facts’ with a #DayofFacts
2/17/2017 Hyperallergic Museums, Libraries, and Cultural Organizations Fight Misinformation with #DayofFacts
2/17/2017 Quartz Libraries and museums team up for bold political statement: Facts are real
2/17/2017 KITV Hawaii Museums, cultural & scientific institutions celebrate #DayOfFacts
2/17/2017 KITV Hawaii #DayofFacts campaign highlights libraries, museums as free resource
2/17/2017 Chicagoist Video: The Field Museum Expertly Throws Shade On ‘Alternative Facts’ For #DayOfFacts
2/17/2017 Business 2 Community #DayofFacts As Scientific And Cultural Institutions Respond To Donald Trump’s Fake News
2/17/2017 Huffington Post Here’s What We Learned From Friday’s #DayofFacts
2/17/2017 Univision Cientos de instituciones culturales lanzan hoy la campaña ‘Día de los Hechos’
2/21/2017 Mashable Libraries are fighting back hard against Trump’s America


Museum/Library field Blogs & Coverage


1/27/2017 Acid-Free Blog Response & Responsibility: Museums, Twitter & Trump
2/7/2017 Museums Association US Museums Take a Stand Against Trump Immigration Ban
2/13/2017 Andrea Goulet, We Are Museums #MuseumActivism: Trump’s presidency make museums go from soft power to counterpower
2/15/2017 Amanda B Librarian #DayofFacts: teaching children about being good digital citizens
2/15/2017 Cybermuseology / Кибермузеология Museum United States and Twitter Community
2/17/2017 Centre d’Informació i Documentació Avui és el #DayofFacts
2/19/2017 Inside Higher Ed Matter of Facts: From Truthiness to #DayofFacts
2/23/2017 Information Literacy Weblog #DayofFacts
3/1/2017 Know Your Own Bone Five Videos that Will Make You Proud to Work With a Cultural Organization
3/1/2017 Cybermuseology / Кибермузеология Day Facts on Twitter
3/8/2017 Museums & Heritage Advisor The fact about facts and how to present them in museums
4/18/2017 We Are Museums Activism might not be a matter of choice anymore for museums


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